The Purple Wizard Commission

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The Purple Wizard Commission

Purple Wizard!

Will Morris from Ekidna Ltd got in touch to explain a project he had been working on with a bunch of mino(tau)rs.

They had written short stories consisting of only 120 words! A select few had been chosen as lucky winners who would have their stories translated into imagery by top illustrators. Illustrators of resounding skill. The best in the business! When Will couldn’t find any, I said I’d do it. I was given the task of illustrating the glorious story of the Purple Wizard by little Bobby, age 10.

I really enjoyed this commission and think the final image is great!

The resulting project is called 10 Stories. Here you can see all the artists’ work with their accompanying stories and purchase prints.

There’s a nice feature of the project here in Digital Arts.

Here is the Purple Wizard in all his glory.
The Purple Wizard Drawing by Manic Minotaur
I imagined how the wizard would look and let everything grow from there. I drew using fineline pens, scanned and coloured in Photoshop.
Skeletor illustration by Manic Minotaur
Will loved my rendition of Skeletor and requested I tell the whole story in one image. Perfect!
Magic Wizard illustration by Manic Minotaur
Here’s another Manic Minotaur wizard illustration available as a print or greetings card.

Manic Minotaur prints and cards can be found in his Etsy Shop!

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