New Website, New Blarg!

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New Website, New Blarg!


Yes HELLO, or ‘minutations of the day’ as we say up here in Minotaur Towers! (not a real place)

So, here it is! A spanking new website, put together all by myself using WordPress which, let me tell you, with hooves is no easy feat! (trying to stay in character)

It was much more difficult than I envisaged when I paid out for the glossy theme which seduced my eyes into singing a tune of ‘that looks good, I can definitely get my site looking like the developers’ of this getup’. Saying this/that ughhh what tense am I in??, I am quite pleased with the results and It is very much a work in progress so expect much tweakage.

I gave up my Indiemade site over a year ago and have been hanging down solely in Etsy Town since. I decided the launch of another Manic Minotaur site was long overdue and along with it…. a blog.

I’m really gonna really try and post on this one! This one hundredth attempt at getting further than the initial posting.  And I know in my horned head you mortals want to know all about stuff that happens in between the peddling of cards.

Even as I type this I can hear the people screaming out, echoing the words of Tom Waits’ “What’s he building?“, ‘Hey Minotaur, what is it you do in that tower of yours’??????

I think at this point it’s fair to say that this Minotaur’s grammar isn’t A1 due to being kicked out of Labyrinth County High by King Tutancarmichael. I should probably add – my knowledge of Greek mythology is based upon what I can remember from a school project I did when I was ten years old and films that feature the animation of Ray Harryhausen.

A couple of months back I was doing a craft fair and a guy approached my stall, introduced himself as being Greek and began to reel off Minotaur related details that were completely new to me. I nodded fraudulently.

But anyway. The blog. Back to the blog. In this blog, THIS blog I will endeavour to bring you current news as well as fill you in on some of the things that have happened since Manic Minotaur was launched back in February 2014.

I’ll probably talk a little about new product launches, craft fairs, my own illustration processes as well as other illustrators, arty stuff etc etc. Feel free to suggest any ideas, I am feeling very much a novice at this. 🙂

Wavy bye for now!


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