Illustration For The Mind.

Welcome, traveller, to a whole other world of illustration and design! Manic Minotaur is a Brighton illustrator who loves to create exciting imagery using an array of tools. Pens, pencils, brushes, mouse, pen and tablet – to name but a few. Very psychedelic! Need a print for a wall or a birthday card? Head on over to the shop! For commissions, zoom over and get in contact. In the meantime, polish them peepers and browse the innards of Manic Minotaur’s mind!

We Love Pop Love Songs

Cherry Pop


BN1 Magazine Front Cover

Postcard From The Future by Manic Minotaur

Future Postcard

Can Design by Manic Minotaur

Crafted Cans

The Garden

Brighton Trip by Manic Minotaur

Brighton Trip

We Love Pop Love Songs Illustration By Manic Minotaur!

Disco Droids

Disco Trooper Illustration By Manic Minotaur!

Disco Trooper

Sheriff Solo Illustration By Manic Minotaur!

Sheriff Solo

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