Animation and GIFs by Manic Minotaur

Here are some colourful animations and GIFS I’ve created using Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Procreate.

Sheep illustration with flashing colours
Illustration of a cow with flashing colours
Illustration of a Kangaroo with flashing colours
BN1 Animation Gif by Manic Minotaur
A psychedelic animation

My artwork brought to life for the release of Somewhere Else by Paul T and Edward Oberon.

Animation I created using Adobe After Effects. Unicorn-tastic!

Illustration of a woman wearing sunglasses with alternating colours
A drawing of a chicken with flashing colours
Animation of an illustrated man moving into different positions

A short animation of a dancing man I made using Procreate.

Manic Minotaur Motel Gif Animation
AN animation of Rudolph on a rocket flying through the sky

Rocket Rudolph animation created in collaboration with Buff Motion for their Advent25 project.

Anime Gaming Con Animation by Manic Minotaur