About Manic Minotaur.

Thank you for visiting the Manic Minotaur Motel, mortal!

Manic Minotaur is a freelance illustrator in Brighton. A greeting card publisher you can find at seaside craft fairs and London trade fairs. He’s a retailer of cards, art prints and illustrated gifts, all supplied to stockists both locally and beyond!

Manic Minotaur was created by University of Brighton Illustration graduate Scott Nellis. A lone crusader on a quest to make your eyes happy.

Scott *cough* I mean Manic Minotaur draws everything by hand using an arsenal of fineliner and marker pens or his handy Wacom tablet. Colouring is executed with a plethora of felt pens, Posca paint pens or a nice bit of Photoshop wizardry.

Manic Minotaur is inspired by music, travel, fun, love and over ten years of Brighton life.

Want to see more of Scott’s work? Check out scottnellis.co.uk!

Need some illustration done? Dash over to the Contact page and send a message.

(I wrote all that in the third person)

Mind how you go, mortal and keep your eye out for harpies!

I do hope that’s cleared a few things up for you, mortal?